10 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Colombian Mc Dementor The Rapper Who Campaigned For Mahama

During the election season we all noticed that there was a white guy who was seriously campaigning for  Mahama to win and regain his seat as the president .

well, if you noticed and still dont know anything about him then embrace yourself for the 10 awesome facts about Mc Dementor.

1.He has a song with Soulja boy titled Starz life which was all over the world and was tipped by MTV base as one of the coolest songs out there, the song uplifted the image of Ghana in the hip hop world.

2. He joined Stonebowy and Wayne Wonder  to perform Langa langa on the same song and did a video in Miami for langa langa.

3.MC Dementor is not only a rapper but he also has keen interest in politics as he was seen in 2016 campaigning vigorously for Mahama. He  met his political role model Mahama at Harvard university and presented to him a nice speech and a letter.

4.Mc Dementor has lived in Ghana for 2 years and calls Ghana his second home.During his stay he collaborated with Stonebwoy, Stay Jay and among others and still looking forward to collaborating with more artist from Ghana.

5. Talk of versatility and a jack of all trade , MC Dementor is not only a rapper but he is also software engineer and an IT manager.

6.He also has a huge following on facebook with a huge record of 50k followers being Ghanaians.

7. Mc Dementor knows his social responsibilities and therefore has performed over countless social programs both in Ghana and in Columbia

8. Dont get confused about Mc Dementor’s origin, he is purely Spanish and has no Ghanaian relation

9. For those of you thinking he married, NO !! Mc Dementor is single but engaged though.

10.Mc Dementor is not signed to any record label, he is an independent artiste .




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