Why The Female Musicians In Ghana Should Get The Tiwa Savage Syndrome

Music, no matter which language it is sung in, once it hits you, you feel no pain. Well, in other parts of the world, they might just be seeing music made by female musicians in Ghana as torture, no wonder they dont ever get nominated or chosen to perform at A-list programs.

This is not a rant but an observation regarding the success of Tiwa Savage the Nigerian silky sensational voice (yeah  thats what the world thinks), her sudden rise to fame and being called on to perform on big stages is just a marvel.

Looking at her success in the music industry sometimes i wonder how she does it, is it the hardworking of the management team or just some mere luck hanging around her head?.

This is how i see the Ghanaian female artist,she is happy and comfortable to be called the local champion thereby doing music that will earn her an international recognition is totally not in her diary, she is aware that just with the little effort she puts in,MTN or Tigo or Vodafone will probably put up a show and invite her to come perform so again she is relaxed. The Tiwa Savage syndrome of yearning for  international recognition hasn’t hit her yet so again she is relaxed and comfortable in her zone .

A profile of Tiwa’s success these past 2 years will sum up the successes of all Ghanaian Female musicians in the past 5 years.

With the kind of music these female artists are doing in Ghana and the lazy management hanging around them it will surely take them forever to ever reach the length of Tiwa Savage’s success.

Tiwa has been announced as one of the artistes that will perform at the 8th annual Essence “Black Women in Music”—an official GRAMMY Week event – this February.

The event, held the week of the Grammys, will take place on February 9 in Los Angeles and am pretty sure our musicians will switch on their tvs to watch in shame and jealousy.




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