Check Out Why Sarkodie Might Just Be The Most Stingiest Celebrity

Musicians sometimes play a lot of social roles in the society as a thank you to their loyal fans but some instances musicians seems to be stingy with their earnings .

so Sarkodie shared a picture of a kid who happened to have swallowed some caustic soda and needs urgent surgery which is approximates 15000 cedis .

One might have thought Sarkodie would have taken  the full payment but to the shock of his fans he was rather begging people to help in saving the boy’s life by contributing money to said amount.

Sarkodie is the richest musician in Ghana currently and it baffles me for him to be asking for help when he can pay the full amount without feeling a pinch on his skin.

His reaction to the boy’s condition is just a shock that we can’t deny the fact that Sarkodie might just be the stingiest celebrity in Ghana.

check the reaction of fans when he requested for the money to aid in the boy’s health .



lucas nluki

lucas nluki

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