DKB in David Oscar’s path;Also To Give Up On Comedy

I have always seen and rated comedy as the hardest job in this planet,with other jobs you can train and be the perfectionist by with comedy you either have it in you or forget it .

To sign off the Easter festivities, event factory organized a comedy show which had an ok attendance with high profile personalities trooping in .

Most of the comedians had a good day but one of the best comedians, DKB had the worse day of his entire comedy career .

DkB came in with a boring entrance as compared to his other shows ,I don’t know his reason of choice in which jokes to bring but I think his choice of sex doomed him on that night .

His jokes had no laughs nor smiles from the audience so after a few minutes of performing he threw in the towel with the statement “Today is not my day so let me give way for other comedians to perform ” then he left the stage .

Great comedians like Chris Rock , Eddie murphy and Hart just to mention a few all had these problems at one point but due to the talent born in them they created a diversion to another topic which worked for them .

DKB couldn’t pull this off because I believe he just learned how to be a comedian but wasn’t born with it just like David Oscar .

David Oscar gave up in comedy and I think DKB might just follow him too.



lucas nluki

lucas nluki

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