Dog Wick: We all think he’s back

John Wick and its sequel John Wick: Chapter 2 are some of the best action movies in the past few years, but Dog Wick may give them both a run for its money.

Created by Rocket Jump — the same company behind the Video Game High School web series — the short follows the dog of John Wick who goes out to avenge his owner’s death after Wick is killed in his New Jersey home.

The trailer for the film is full of headshots, brutal takedowns and an adorable pup running through the house holding a tiny gun. The final scene features a very cool moment where the pup, Daisy, takes down a number of henchmen with one attack.

Dog Wick

Dog Wick isn’t a real movie, but it does provide some kind of justice for those who are still mourning John Wick’s adorable dog from the first movie.

With John Wick: Chapter 2 in theaters on Feb. 10, reviewers say it’s bigger, better and fixes a few problems with the first one.

Watch the Dog Wick trailer below to take a chill from the honest trailers



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