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Am here today because i have achieved a bit more than i have ever thought i could achieve, I have been waiting for that perfect time to to thank this special person who has given me my first strength to go into blogging.

Oral Ofori is an ace journalist and owns the blog He also owns TheAfricanDream LLC which is  about telling the African story from an African perspective to awaken humanity …With the heavy schedules he has on his calendar he still took the time to respond to my first time mail to him.

It all started way back in 2014 where i wanted to go into blogging but didnt know where to start, i had no idea where to go and whom to ask so i took to google and started my search and luckily on my part lindaikeji and thafricandream  popped up so i started reading their articles for some few weeks, then i decided to get my own blog so i sent out messages to these lovely people to help me out.

My first mail went to linda ikeji which she failed to respond then i sent to Oral Ofori which he responded on that same number and even gave me his private  whatsapp number; i was like OMG !! how can someone be so kind like this ? of course i didn’t say that to him.Lol










To cut long story short we exchanged some text messages and he taught me a lot about blogging which led me to  my first blog on google

After teaching me he still monitored and guided me on how to write articles and also taught me on the bad effects of the short cut method of copy and paste which i must tell you, i used to do that a lot without giving credit to whom ever credit was due.. All i can say is thank you very much Oral Ofori.

Well he played his part and the rest was left for me to do so i continued blogging and when i got some few readers i decided to monetize by blog. Oral taught everything but i couldnt go back to him to teach me about monetization with google adsense because i felt he would be very disappointed in me.  So in my struggles  i saw another person (Nigerian but stays in Ghana)by name Olamosh on google who talked about adsense very much so i sent him a mail too but unfortunately he never replied .

i continued  blogging and luckily on my part a school mate knew a lot about blogging so he called me up and directed me on how to move by blog to a more professional platform and so i did. I was able to buy and change my domain name from nlukiblogspot to but no money to buy a theme so this friend Mustapha Yakubu out of no where got me my first paid theme and taught me how i could monetize the blog with adsense.

Fast Forward,i got the adsense and after making $220 they blocked by adsense account with reasons only known to them..Damn you google!!!! INTO THE FUTURE>>> i changed the  domain to  because the was hard for people to memorize,  got a new theme and got an adsense account again and this time its still intact thanks to Gustav Tk.

I will not say i have made it in blogging because i haven’t even realized my full dreams yet but i can tell you i am in a comfortable lead within my zone.

Appreciation goes to Oral Ofori, mustapha yakubu, Gustav Tk, and all those who have helped me in one way or the other..May 2017 be a year of happiness to us all.



lucas nluki

lucas nluki

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