My Say :Why Ghana Might Just Need Jack Bauer

The president elect of the Republic of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo has probably seen or might have an idea of what is about to happen to Ghana in the future in terms of security bases.

With the second batch of the newly appointed ministers which was released today, a lot of controversies have sparked up over the the numerous ministerial positions especially the defense sector.

With these super inflated defense side I think we might just need Jack Bauer to come to our aid to what ever the president thinks it’s coming .

If you don’t know Jack Bauer let me enlighten you .jack is a character in the tv series 24 hours and his main mission is to counter terrorist attacks.
He is the man you call on when you need to save your country from attacks or when you have that feeling your country might be under an attack .

I feel the president has these feelings of an attack on Ghana which has prompted him to inflate that sector.
President Nana Akuffo Addo has these positions in his new administration..

** National Security Advisor

** National Security Coordinator

** National Security Minister

** Defence Minister

** Interior Minister
I don’t know about you but to me these positions can easily be fused into just two or three positions or we could just leave it as such and hope on that call for Jack Bauer .



lucas nluki

lucas nluki

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