Tonto Dikeh’s Marriage Was Just A Stupid Cup Of Tea In The Afternoon

Tonto Dikeh’s marriage has been the real definition of a serious karma attack.

I have never wanted to laugh at someones misfortune but the case of Tonto Dikeh is one i have tried so much but failed so here i am laughing in the middle of a serious break up.

There are so many lose ends in this marriage which gives the impression that Tonto rather married Churchill and not the other way round .

And here is where i am basing my argument on. Why would a woman gifts herself with the most expensive things and lie about her husband gifting her ?…In the eyes of men you are giving the idea that your man is absolutely useless and therefore cannot gift you such gifts so you have to grow up some balls immediately and act like a man and a woman at the same time.

Tonto Dikeh might want to try to take revenge on her husband by putting all the dirty secrets online, at the end she keeps shooting herself on the same foot. Why would you stay in an abusive marriage then tell the world about it when the marriage finally comes to an end.

just like drinking a cup of tea in the afternoon which is as useless as a the word useless, Tonto Dikeh’s marriage was absolutely as a cup of tea at noon.

A Little Information about Tonto’s ex husband:

Born in Lagos and also the nephew to Olusegun Obasanjo being the son of the former president’s younger brother. This now means, Tonto Dikeh is an in-law to the past president.

He is the chairman of Big Churchill Haven Limited and is also the CEO of Big Church Entertainment which is located on Awolowo road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

His company, Big Churchill Haven Limited is a tech firm that deals with IT solutions. They specialize in software management.

It was alleged in some reports that Churchhill Oladunni was married to a lady named Bimbo Coker in December 2012.

Some other sources claim that he was indeed previously married but has since separated from his former spouse who is currently living in Malaysia



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