Yvan Buravan drops new love song, valentine’s day spirit = Dead

Yvan Buravan

This is love

I don’t know if I should write this whine because all my senses are telling me to not post it. But, why the hell not?

So,…..*sighs, my boy Yvan Buravan has released a new love song brilliantly titled “This is love” also called a valentines day gift for Kigalians produced by bob pro and published on YouTube today. A friend added me to a group of savage Kigali-based reviewers and there I found the song.My first reaction was, “This song feels unusual” and for the next 5-10 seconds, it remained that way.

The beat is sick

It starts with a brilliantly orchestrated whistle that sounds like something out of a love story movie, where everyone dies from candidiasis or a strain of acute antibiotic resistant gonococcus then a beat follows. Now, this beat is sick. By sick I mean, it’s good. It lacks any exaggerations and unnecessary drums (or whatever they are called) which is just so nice to listen to…untill he starts speaking, then you can turn off the radio.

Sounds like a hater, right? Hell no.

Early reviews from self-declared savages

Reviews coming in from several savage reviewers show that I might be exaggerating the “badness” of the song for sake getting people to read my completely unnecessary review, but we agree on one thing..this song is the longest 3 minutes of Rwandan music in 2017.

In nonalternative fact, on a scale 1 to 10, 1 being Faustin Bieber’s (real stage name) 2013 Ese Urankunda which I doubt any reader here heard, and 10 being the best Rwandan love song, Yvan Buravan’s This is Love scores a whopping 4.7/10. One reviewer said, “I don’t know what to do with this song” while another said “All I hear is This is love or is it? I don’t even know because those were the longest 3 mins of a Buravan song. Almost stopped at 54 sec but wanted to hear the rest of the song.

Unnecessary reason for bad reviews

Saving you from my shitty writing, this song fails to lyrically connect to its (Rwandan) audience unlike its predecessors Just Dance, Ni Njye Nawe and others. Now, that’s not really the problem. The actual problem is, it doesn’t have a worthy competitor for the moment.

Well, cyberspace is expensive so I will leave it at that and pray to a Jewish God I don’t believe in to use one of his magic tricks to stop any remixes in the making. But, who died and made me a so-called judge? Listen to the song below.



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